About the Honors Program

The Arts and Architecture Honors Program (AAHP) furthers the CoA+A’s goals of providing creative leadership for UNC Charlotte and greater Charlotte communities by encouraging and developing the full potential of our outstanding students. Through the AAHP, these students take an active and engaged role in their own education within an interdisciplinary learning environment built on the shared nature of the built, visual, and performing arts. Within the AAHP, students not only explore connections between the various artistic disciplines, but also between the arts and the community.


Small Class Size: Enrollment in all honors courses is limited to 15 students to promote discussion and interaction between students and faculty, and among the students themselves. Honors courses are open to participants within the various departmental, college, and university level honors programs at UNC Charlotte.

Focused Advising: AAHP students are encouraged to use the AAHP Coordinator as well as the faculty representative to the Arts and Architecture Honors Council from their department as an informal advisor familiar both with the curricular requirements of their major as well as with those of the AAHP.

Honors Housing: As part of the wider honors community at UNC Charlotte, AAHP students are eligible to live in the honors residence hall. Currently Levine Hall, one of the finest on campus, is reserved for honors students from across the University. 

Research/Travel Grants: The AAHP currently awards research grants in two ways. First, there are research grants awarded to students in their final year that assist with various materials (books, cameras, supplies) for the completion of the required honors thesis. Second, the AAHP awards two research grants that assist with the tuition of enrolling in a CoA+A international summer program. Only members of the AAHP may apply for these research grants.