Storrs FabLab

The Storrs FabLab aims to inspire creative action through experimentation. We exist to exploit possibilities of making through meaningful material assemblies in the contemporary environment. 

Encompassing nearly 5,000 square feet, our FabLab supports all research and student work through hands-on experimentation. Included in this footprint are fully-equipped wood, metal, and digital facilities linked together to provide a seamless workflow. We aim to understand material performance, assemblies, construction techniques, and scales through the medium of fabrication. Industrial CNC equipment interfaces with our non-digital tooling to foster a culture of machine knowledge that permeates all facets of the design disciplines. The capabilities of the FabLab also extend into a large, 3,000 square-foot outdoor construction yard for year-round use.

Specific equipment includes the following:

AXYZ CNC Mill (5’x’10’) SawStop Tablesaw Craftsman Metal Lathe
KUKA KR60-HA Robotic Arm Vertical Panel Saw Mig Welders
CNC Plasma (4’x8’) ONEWAY Wood Lathe Tig Welder
(4) Universal Laser Cutters Wood Band Saws Metal Band Saws
(3) FDM 3D Printers Timesaver Belt Sander Plasma Torch
Vacuum Former (4’x4’) Planers and Joiners Sanders and Grinders

We strive to create a flexible learning environment that encourages safety, material awareness, precision, creativity, and common sense. The labs are used by qualified students and faculty of the College of Arts+Architecture who:

  1. Are enrolled or employed and have completed a basic orientation session, OR
  2. Have been approved by the Lab Director as competent in the safe use of the equipment.